Department of the Office of Academic Affairs


       The office of Academic Affairs is an institution which is responsible for the teaching base construction, teaching reform and implementing the function of teaching management for the entire ordinary full-time undergraduate. Its main responsibilities include effective configuration and sche****ng of the education teaching resources, maintaining teaching order, guaranteeing the quality of teaching, guiding, implementing and promoting teaching reform, and continuously improve the quality of undergraduate talent training.


       For many years , under the leadership of school Party , the  office of Academic Affairs uphold the school motto of “Wide virtue and knowledge , Chemical cultivates talents ”, adhere to the idea of “Based on cultivating talents , equal emphasis to both service and management ”, always adhere to the guiding ideology of the transformation of education idea, the stability of teaching order and improvement of  the quality of teaching. It is keen on serving to the teaching. Through the scientific, systematic and information of management, it has achieved excellent results. It has been named the Beijing and the national advanced teaching office.


      At present, it consists of three departments of academic affairs office, teaching subjects office and audio visual center and have 18 people of management and staff. Its basic office work include: registration and management, teaching plan management, operation and management of teaching, teaching research and teaching reform, teaching quality monitoring and evaluation management, teachers" teaching development. It is responsible for the planning and management of every teaching base construction including specialty, curriculum, teaching materials, laboratory, practical teaching base, talent training base, teaching management system, and so on.